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Gift Card

Suggested Amount: $100.00

Minimum Amount: $10.00

The best thing? Curlicue NZ Gift Vouchers never expire!



A Curlicue NZ Gift Card will make the perfect gift for any occasion!

Get gift cards online. Gift vouchers may be bought at any time and make an excellent last-minute present.

Curlicue NZ gift cards are virtual online gift certificates that are emailed to the recipient, after completion of the sale. Gift voucher cards arrive in the recipients inbox within 24 hours. 

The voucher email comes from “Suzie ~ Curlicue NZ Jewellery”; and states that they have received a gift card (from you).

You can choose a custom card value and it will never expire. (Money doesn’t expire, why would a gift card?!)

You can personalise the gift voucher with your own message. The voucher email will state the amount of store credit the recipient has received, and a unique coupon code that can be redeemed at checkout. 


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