You are why I do what I do

How you helped Curlicue NZ become a reality:

“I want women to feel elegant, luxurious and confident in their own skin – and I like to create gorgeous and distinctive jewellery that does that, while being affordable and sustainable.”

~ Suzie Horne
Curlicue NZ CEO 

I don’t just make jewellery, I love to create memories and treasures for you to keep:

– a measure of love in the material form.

Before I created Curlicue NZ, I was a full time mother – and before that; an Environmental Planner + Ecologist.

I have always loved making things and I’ve always loved our natural environment. One birthday I was given a jewellery making tutorial (from my husband). It opened up a whole new world of exciting ideas and I loved it!

Then one day I was looking for some jewellery to wear with an outfit.  I’ve been given lots of gorgeous jewellery over the years, but I didn’t have any in a particular shade of red. I did have some jewellery from my grandmother, but it wasn’t in the style I would normally wear. 

So then…

I took her necklace apart, and created a new set – earrings and a pendant. It’s everything I look for in jewellery – something distinctive, elegant, complimentary to my outfit, easy to put on – and best of all, it meant something to me! Wearing something of my Grandma’s, kept her close.

I continued making jewellery in my spare time either for myself or for friends and family. I would either use jewellery I no longer wore – up-cycling it, or create something completely new.

It turns out…

I love to create pieces that are easy to put on, have a pop of colour and make me feel beautiful and confident.

I found it so much easier to put on a pair of earrings or a nice ring if just dashing out to the shops or to do the school run, rather than putting on makeup or changing my outfit. 

Wearing the Pearl and Spiral Koru Ring while out and about

Then I started getting suggestions that I should sell my jewellery!

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get enough customers who liked my jewellery. After all, making jewellery for myself and my family is easier than for someone I don’t know! 


After talking to friends and doing a bit of research, I found there are lots of people out there like me:  a busy mum who doesn’t always have enough time to put on makeup or change an outfit, but still wants something easy that will make her feel gorgeous and self-assured.

I decided to set out to create the most elegant jewellery (yet sustainable and kind to the environment) for all the busy women of the world.

I worried…

that my customers wouldn’t come. The areas I’ve found most challenging is spreading the word (marketing myself – hard for an introvert like me!) Finding the right places to sell my products is also tricky. 


I’ve had to put my ‘big girl pants’ on, take myself outside of my comfort zone and throw all that is me, out into the big wide world!

My first products were released and the response has been amazing!

The best part?

Hearing about the delight my customers feel when I’ve created something awesome, just for them. 

Just knowing that they feel proud to wear my jewellery,  makes me super-happy.  Check out my customer reviews here!

I love to hand craft gifts for your loved ones – or yourself (as we all deserve to love ourselves too), that can be kept and treasured for a lifetime.


Who I Am?

I am a full time mum to a gorgeous girl, and happily married. My husband and I share the cooking and dishes, and I do the rest of general house-hold duties while he works full time as a GP. 

I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. After we were married, we lived for 2.5 years in Edinburgh, Scotland and travelled throughout Europe before coming back home to settle in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand.

We still love to travel, and as an animal-loving family, one of our favourite places to go is the Kruger National Park, in South Africa – where we can see many endangered animal species in their wild habitats.

For a long time, I was trying to work out how to incorporate my love of animal conservation with my jewellery making abilities – and now I have! (See below)

When I’m not crafting jewellery and gifts or on the laptop working on my business, you’ll find me chilling out with my family, looking after our cats: Tinkerbell (a moggy) & Silky (a Maine Coon), reading,  gardening, walking, travelling, sorting through endless travel photos to create photo books or watching TV. 😊 

Our Moggy Cat Tinkerbell Horne
Our Maine Coon Silky