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Valentine's Day is on Friday 14th February. Order something special now for the one you LOVE.

Customised birthstone jewellery is now available with genuine birthstones (where available) used in earrings, bangles, rings and necklaces. All wrapped in 100% recycled Sterling or Argentium Silver wire. 

Unique eco jewellery that's perfect for you!

Firstly, a big hello 👋 and welcome 😊 to Curlicue NZ – handcrafted eco jewellery and accessories.  I’m Suzie Horne and I want to help you feel more elegant by wearing distinctive, yet affordable environmentally friendly jewellery, handmade for everyday wear or special occasions.

Dare to be different – with natural elegance and everyday luxury

Curlicue NZ produces handcrafted, sustainable luxury jewellery for the eco-conscious. Therefore, my pieces will enhance your natural beauty and can be treasured for an eternity.

Find eco friendly necklace, bracelet, earring and ring sets that you’ll love! I personally handcraft New Zealand designer Sterling Silver jewellery for women, men and kids. I can also create bridal jewellery or matching sets and other types of custom jewellery designs. 

SO, if you are looking for:

Eco Silver Wire Wrapped NZ Greenstone Necklace Gift

  • A beautiful gift for someone; 
  • A treasure to keep for yourself;
  • A NZ-themed or kiwiana gift to send overseas;
  • A distinctive, custom made piece or set; 
  • Matching sets for your bridesmaids or a group you belong to;
  • An item to be repaired or replaced, or a jewellery heirloom rejuvenated into something new and more ‘your style’;
  • Corporate Gifts – a different way to appreciate your members of staff or clients; or
  • Distinctive jewellery for someone special in your life…

…then let Curlicue NZ create the best solution for you!

Handmade Birthstone Earrings, Bangle and Ring in Herringbone weave style
New Designs
Bangles & Bracelets
Opalite Moonstone Eco Sterling Silver Square Ring on Flax
Rings & Brooches
koru heart pendant in recycled sterling silver with swarovski crystal on flax background
Necklaces & Pendants
Ivory Mother of Pearl Star Earrings in Eco Argentium Silver
Eco Earrings
Recycled silver wire-wrapped NZ greenstone jewellery
Unique ~ OOAK

Ethical Jewellery made here in NZ

All Curlicue NZ pieces are personally designed, handcrafted and ethically made to order at my Titirangi home in Auckland, New Zealand.

Curlicue NZ is your new eco-conscious, sustainable jewellery brand! 

You can find out more about what “Sustainable Jewellery” really is, and how I use it here. All Curlicue NZ pieces are made by my hands: from cutting, smoothing and carefully wrapping the wires (either around themselves or around semi-precious stones, shells, pearls or Swarovski Crystals); to hammering (to harden and keep its shape or texturise); and then finally sanding and polishing the piece.

Environmentally friendly jewellery:  

Recycled Sterling Silver Chevron Geometric Necklace

Handmade artisan pieces are made with 100% recycled .925 Sterling Silver or .935 Argentium Silver (more tarnish-resistant) wire. This is currently purchased from a large metal recycling plant in Australia.

Right now; Silver (and occasional Copper and Brass) wires and sections of chain are the main recycled metal materials that are used in my metal jewellery designs.

However, I do also make some small findings such as hooks and jump rings from left over bits of wire – aiming for zero waste!

Additionally, I soon hope to add other recycled silver components including clasps and necklace chains.

I also up-cycle or re-use older jewellery components (such as beads or stones from family heirlooms and treasures) to recreate new environmentally friendly jewellery, that I like to call ‘sustainably elegant’ heirloom jewellery.

Silver Fern Koru Spiral Inspirations

All of my inspiration comes from nature and the natural environment around us, especially here in New Zealand. You will notice I have a lot of pieces in blues and greens – which are calming colours (and also my favourite) but I can create a beautiful piece of jewellery using any colour you like.


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