Please use these size charts (click on the links below) to prevent errors in ordering.


Sizing rings can be a tricky business – especially when working across the internet.

Why is it tricky? Because every jeweller does things ‘their way’ – and those ways don’t always line up, jeweller-to-jeweller.

Firstly, there are a ton of different ring measuring systems depending on where you live. Thankfully, there are handy charts like this one that allow jewellers like me to convert from one system to another.

Next, we have our tools. Every jeweller has their own tools, manufactured from different places all over the world. Sometimes, this can mean that one jeweller’s tools are very slightly different from another’s.

(I live in New Zealand, and we use the metric system for all measuring, so I often have to convert between centimetres, millimetres and inches. However all my measuring tapes use both – inches on one side and centimetres on the other, and some of my tools are from the US too!)  

Find out your ring size by clicking on the ring size chart below to check measurements.

Ring Size Chart 

Alternatively, you can print and cut out this ring sizing tool: (click on the link)


After cutting out the ring sizer tool, roll the paper in the shape of circle like this:

Use some clear tape to keep it in place.

Insert your finger in the ring sizer and pull the paper softly. Ensure it can easily slide over the largest part of your finger – the knuckle.

Read your ring size using the lines and numbers. If the reading is between sizes, go for the larger one.

Please note – the size of your fingers change over the course of the day, depending on whether they are hot or cold. It is a good idea to measure your ring size around the middle of the day, when your hands are reasonably warm. Do not measure them when they are cold, or excessively warm – such as after doing exercise.



When ordering necklaces, please check the size of the chain length given (if included in the listing.)

If you would like me to create a necklace chain to hang your pendant from, please use the images below to get a measurement.

You can also use these guides for kids jewellery:



Use the bracelet size chart below to work out what size your bracelet should be. If you don’t already know the size of your wrist, measure it with a piece of string or measuring tape.

Furthermore, this next chart below gives you an idea of the different sizes needed, depending on age. This is helpful when determining bracelet sizing for kids.