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Jewellery Repairs

What do you do...

When you lose one of your favourite earrings? 

Or your best beaded bracelet snags on a zip and rips it apart? 

What about when your beloved child grabs the necklace your best friend gave you and breaks the clasp?

Or, the wire snaps on your treasured necklace and all the beads fall to the floor?

Well, you scoop up all those beads, contact me and I’ll see what I can do to fix it for you! 😁 

Fixing Jewellery

Over time I have repaired a huge variety of costume jewellery – and even a glass chandelier (just fixing the fittings, not the glass itself!) 

One of the first repairs I did was for a wire flower necklace where one of the petals was bent out of shape.

Unfortunately I can’t show you a “before” photo, as I didn’t think to take one! 🤦‍♀️ However, I did manage to fix the bent petal and after the repair, the necklace looked like this:

Fixed Wire Flower Necklace
Closeup of repaired Wire Flower Necklace

Another early repair was of this beaded necklace. The tigertail wire had broken, so the whole necklace needed to be re-created with a new piece of tigertail wire.

Broken Blue Flower Bead Tigertail necklace

Once fixed, it looked like this:

Repaired blue flower beaded necklace

Another repair was of this broken rice pearl bracelet:

Broken rice pearl bracelet

Unfortunately the tigertail wire had broken in a place where I couldn’t just re-loop it, so the whole bracelet needed to be re-created on a new piece of wire.

Fixed Rice Pearl Bracelet
Close up of mixed pearl beaded bracelet

Then I was given a bag of beads with the broken elasticated nylon.

Broken Pink Purple Beaded Bracelet

However, I had no idea of the original design! So I got to be the creator again, and re-designed the bracelet to look like this:

Later, some earrings I’ve repaired at different times – one broken (left), and one missing (right); which meant I had to re-create a pair that had a similar design, but completely different beads.

Repaired black and nickel chandelier earrings
Recreating chandelier earrings after one was missing

Here are some behind the scenes photos of another broken necklace:

Broken Floating Pearl Necklace
How the broken necklace came to me
Floating Pearl Necklace taken apart
Behind the scenes: After taking the necklace apart
Fixed Floating Pearl Necklace

Then more recently, I was given a glass chandelier that had been bought at a second hand shop – in pieces, but all the different pieces were present! Here are some more behind the scenes photos of that repair process:

Glass chandelier in pieces
Tools need to fix glass chanderlier
Tools required to fix the chandelier
Fixed Glass Chandelier!

This last necklace was quite complicated to work out how it was made!

It came to me in several pieces like this:

Broken black and gold circle necklace

Eventually I managed to get it sorted, by re-threading the gold and black circles with three strands of suede cord, instead of the original five. Here is the front of the repaired necklace:

Black and gold circle necklace_front

….  And here is the back:

Back of black and gold circle necklace

I have to say, I was pretty pleased with how this last one turned out. It was not a design or type of necklace I’d come across before, and it did take a little while to work out how it all fitted together – much like fitting puzzle pieces together!

Do you have some costume jewellery that has broken or bent out of place, a missing earring or want to change hook earrings to clip-ons?

Then please get in touch. 

I’m not a metalsmith, so can’t solder items (currently) but I can often repair or recreate similar items – such as in the case of missing earrings, necklaces and bracelets – even adding beads if some have been lost.

Please email me with your request, and preferably some photos of your broken piece, and I will give you a quote.

NB: Occasionally the work required will take longer or be more difficult than first thought. I will always stick to the quote given to you (unless it’s less, in which case I will pass this saving on!)  

However, I will let you know how much the final total is, and it is up to you whether or not you pay the extra. 😊 


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