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Love Me Do: The Romantic Rose Collection

The Romantic Rose Collection – which is one of my favourites, and contains several pieces that are customer favourites – has now been around for nearly five years.

It ultimately represents timeless luxury and sustainable elegance, and despite often being promoted as a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, it definitely doesn’t relate to just one day!

The Inspirational Rose:

The Romantic Rose collection was inspired by my first rose bush – given to me by my mum, that was called “Love Me Do”.

It’s a stunning plant that continues to bloom, despite me forgetting to tend to it sometimes, and always comes out with these gorgeous pale peach roses that smell divine!

Love Me Do Rose_Singular
A ‘Love Me Do’ Rose

Love Me Do Rose Bush

Little Rose Stud Earrings

First up I created the Rose Studs – entirely made from one length of round, 0.8mm recycled Sterling Silver wire. You can read more about my use of sustainable materials here.

It took a few tries (with the cheaper copper wire) to work out my strategy and how to make them…. But included twisting the two ends of the wires around each other – to create the look of petals.

Here is a look behind the scenes at making a pair of Romantic Rose Studs:

Tools and materials required to make the Romantic Rose Studs
Tools & materials needed to make the Romantic Rose Studs

Starting to make the first rose stud
Starting to make the first Rose Stud Earring

Wrapping the twisted wire around makes it look like petals
Wrapping the twisted wire around makes it look like petals

The first Rose Stud is completed

Here is a look at the final product:

Side angle view Rose Stud Earrings

Rose Studs in their gift box

Adding Swarovski Crystals:

I then tried to include little Swarovski Crystals in the designs – with the wire wrapping around them. This was when I discovered just how fragile they really are, and how careful I have to be not to break them. (Yes, a few sadly broke during this testing process. 😦)

This was during the making of the rose and leaf drop earrings, which is also made from one long piece of wire forming both the rose, leaf and the earring hook.

Making the Rose & Leaf Drop Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

Next up was the Rose & Leaf Pendant. Made very similarly to the drop earrings, but with a ‘D’ shaped loop at the top for a necklace chain to pass through.

So far, all my pendants have been made without the chain. A Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel chain may be bought separately, but I had always assumed that most people have their own necklaces for these pieces.

However, this may change in the future, as I look to consolidate the Curlicue NZ range.

Making the Rose and Leaf Pendant with Swarovski Crystals

Rose & leaf drop pendant on flax

Romantic Rose Rings:

Lastly, (at this stage) I created the Rose Ring. The first time I tried to do it in the copper wire, I added a leaf (see below left). However, later I decided it could be a bit annoying or often get caught on things – so I left it out in the silver version.

First design of Rose Ring with a leaf

Eco Sterling Silver Rose Ring with pink Swarovski Crystal

I then made a copper version of the rose ring with a large iridescent clear Swarovski Crystal, which turned out like this:

Copper Large Crystals Rose Ring

Side view of large crystal rose ring in copper wire

I really like this version, though I’ve never actually made another one, or done a silver version. What do you think? 🤔

Completing the Collection:

Most items of the collection were launched back in autumn of 2016. Then, a few years later, I added the Rose & Leaf bangle, made with thicker half round wire for the bangle part – including a hook, and 0.8mm round wire for the rose and leaf – with the leaf forming the clasp. I was pretty happy with how this one turned out, and it has since become a customer favourite.

Rose and leaf Eco Silver Bangle
A later addition: the Rose & Leaf Eco Silver Bangle

Rose and leaf Bangle being worn

All up, the Romantic Rose collection has been both a customer – and one of my own – favourites, since its beginning, so at this stage will continue to be featured on Curlicue NZ.

The Rose Collection with a crystal vase


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