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Jewellery Repairs

What do you do...
When you lose one of your favourite earrings?

Or your best beaded bracelet snags on a zip and rips it apart?

What about when your beloved child grabs the necklace your best friend gave you and breaks the clasp?

Or, the wire snaps on your treasured necklace and all the beads fall to the floor?

Well, you scoop up all those beads, contact me and I’ll see what I can do to fix it for you! 😁
Fixing Jewellery
Over time I have repaired a huge variety of costume jewellery...

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Jewellery Care and Cleaning options
[ Jewellery Care ]

Jewellery Care & Cleaning

Jewellery Care & Cleaning

How to look after your new handmade jewellery:

Let me guess?  You've got a collection of jewellery (jewelry) that's tarnished or just not looking as sparkly as it once was and you need some advice about jewellery care and how to clean it?
All Curlicue NZ Jewellery is created by hand with care and passion, from recycled Sterling Silver or Copper wires and genuine semi-precious stones, pearls & crystals.  Shop now to find sustainably elegant handcrafted ...

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