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Birthstone Jewellery ~ Behind the Scenes

The Peas in a Pod Collection

Background Story:

A couple of years ago, a good friend had another baby.

I wanted to make something special for her, and to celebrate the new addition to their family.  I found out the birth months of all her kids – and found that I had the birthstones for each of them!

So I decided to make something that represented them all, especially for my friend.   

Previously,  I have made jewellery pieces using a particular method of wire wrapping – called the “herringbone weave”.   I had also discovered that when several stones were encased together within this herringbone weave, they looked like little peas in a pod!

Copper herringbone weave earrings
Original Herringbone Weave Earrings

They looked so cute, I thought it would make a very special gift from my heart (and hands) to my friends!

So I made this customised birthstone, peas in a pod pendant. Using recycled Sterling Silver wire as the ‘pod’ to encase the little ‘pea’ birthstones of each of her kids, I created a pendant, and hung it on a Sterling Silver box chain. 

This is how it turned out:

Becoming a Customer Favourite

Despite not having the best quality picture, I posted it to instagram – and had a surprisingly positive reaction!

Lots of people commented on the necklace – and a few asked if I could make a birthstone necklace for them (or to give as gifts).

I worked out the pricing and listed the necklace on my website.

Over the next few months, I ended up making several of these birthstone necklaces, which fast became a customer favourite.

Some people gave them to their mothers as a gift, other’s gave them to friends who had just become a mum. Whatever the reason, they do make a special and meaningful gift, individually customised to each person.

Creating a Collection

After a few more months, I decided to add to the necklace and create a collection of birthstone jewellery items that could all be personalised to each individual.

In the same herringbone weave style, I added a ring, bangle, a brooch and earrings – and named the whole collection “Peas in a Pod”, with each ‘pea’ representing a child with their birthstone.

The idea was that all pieces in the collection could be individually customised – and therefore very personal – birthstone jewellery.

Customised Birthstones

BUT for each item within the collection, I needed to create an actual piece!

I always need to create prototypes in order to know how long it will take to make an item, what materials are required (and therefore I can price them), have the ability to photograph them (so I have something to show my customers on the website).

However each piece is customised to the person who will keep them – so how was I going to show this?

SO, I made each piece with the members of my family in mind. 

The earrings take quite a while to lovingly make by hand, hence their price. These ones have garnets in them (January birthstone, for my daughter). 

Customisable Birthstone Earrings in Eco Silver

The bangle shown here has a clear, iridescent, Swarovski Crystal (instead of a diamond, for me, born in April), a Garnet & a Black Opal (for my husband, born in October).

Customised Peas in a Pod Birthstone Bangle in eco Sterling Silver product image

The ring – I made for myself! It features a singular clear, iridescent, Swarovski Crystal (instead of a diamond, for me to wear, born in April).

Iridescent Clear AB Swarovski Crystal used as April birthstone 'diamond' in this handmade birthstone ring in eco silver

The brooch shown below, I made for my own mother, as a Christmas gift. It contains two Sapphire Blue Swarovski Crystals (for my sister and brother – both born in September) and a clear one for me.

Peas in a Pod Birthstone Brooch handmade in eco argentium silver with Swarovski Crystals product image

With Mother’s Day coming up in a few weeks, I thought this was the perfect time to talk about this collection – and how it came to be.

The earrings and ring can easily be made as a treasure to keep for yourself, especially as the ring is made to fit – so you need to know your finger size.

However the other pieces really do make a wonderful gift at any time of the year – especially for Mums of all ages. 😊

Who would you buy for, and what would you choose?

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