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Men’s Jewellery

Creating Jewellery for Men

When I started out making jewellery, I mostly made it just for women – and kids – as at the time, I had a young daughter keen on sparkly things!

However, after a few years I started thinking more about creating jewellery for men. Unfortunately though, I don’t really know many men who wear jewellery!

Do you?

The only jewellery my husband wears is his wedding ring – which is made from Titanium, as we knew it would need to withstand some heavy wear and tear over the years… (which it has done!) Otherwise, he wears a watch… but nothing else.

I was really keen to start making jewellery just for men. There was so much available for women, and I had some pieces for (at that stage, smaller) kids, but nothing for the guys!

Here are some of the first bracelets I made for the guys:

Blue Agate Mens Adjustable Bracelet
Blue Agate Adjustable Bracelet
Mens Amazonite Chunky Silver Bracelet
Mens Amazonite Silver Bracelet

But then I realised I couldn’t replicate them easily, so they ended up being sold as one-of-a-kind.

I also made a few customised NZ greenstone necklaces and bracelets specifically for men (as gifts), here are some examples of those:

Men’s jewellery (I feel), has a more ‘solid’ look and feel than that for women. I feel like I can make the more intricate, delicate designs for women that I wouldn’t make for men. Is that sexist? I’m not sure. 🤔

Obviously, all of my men’s jewellery could also be worn by women, which is why it is usually labelled ‘unisex’. 

Some of my existing earring studs have been popular with men (from teens to adults); including:

This is the jewellery I currently have available for men:

We have Father’s Day coming up in a month’s time in New Zealand. Yet, I don’t know that many people who actually buy jewellery for their Dad’s…. I know I definitely don’t!!

Do you?

Regardless of that, I would still really like to extend my men’s jewellery range. I’d love to make rings, though I think that may be a little complicated at this stage.  I have so many different ideas, the problem is: I need to narrow my focus, and find the time to make and photograph them!

What would you like to see more of in the way of jewellery for men? 

I’d love to hear from you! 😊 


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