Rainbow Smiles Collection
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The Rainbow Smiles Collection

A few years ago, as part of an art exhibition at the Upstairs Art Gallery in Titirangi, I created a new collection along the theme of “Uplifting” – it was called the “Rainbow Smiles” collection.

The Rainbow Smiles collection comprises dangly earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and a brooch that all feature recycled Sterling Silver wire in the shape of a shallow u (or a smile 😊) with 9 different types of coloured semi-precious stones on each piece. For some reason, I never added the collection to the website and my other webshops – until now!

Nine different coloured semi precious stones sit on an upturned semi circle of eco sterling silver wire
The Rainbow Smiles Collection

I had already made the rainbow drop earrings at this point – and always felt that – because of the rainbow colours – they were an ‘uplifting’ pair of earrings, making you feel cheerful or smile.

Sterling Silver Rainbow Stone Drop Earrings
The Rainbow Drop Earrings

When I see someone smile – whether it be a friend, family member, or a passerby in the street, it makes me smile too. (Though admittedly it’s much harder now seeing smiles in public when everyone is wearing masks!)

Delightful Differences

I wanted this collection to be different from the earrings, but thought I’d use the same rainbow coloured stones. 

A smile quite literally does uplift you – and one with dimples, even more so! So using the Eco Silver wire, I changed the design so that each piece itself was shaped like a smile, with small circles (dimples) either side of the semi-circle shape (that also stopped the stones from coming off).

Furthermore, I wanted the collection to continue with the Curlicue NZ environmentally friendly feeling, and be “sustainably elegant”. 

The Rainbow Smiles collection of items contains semi precious gemstones
The Rainbow Smiles Necklace (being worn)

The nine different semi-precious stones are as follows:

  1. RED – Carnelian
  2. ORANGE – Either Orange Quartz or Amber, depending on availability
  3. YELLOW – Citrine
  4. GREEN – Either NZ Greenstone or Peridot, depending on availability
  5. LIGHT BLUE – Turquoise
  6. DARK BLUE – Lapis Lazuli
  7. PURPLE – Amethyst
  8. DARK PINK – Garnet
  9. LIGHT PINK – Rose Quartz

With the earrings – I made them out of one long piece of wire (per earring) in a fish hook style – so that the wire that went through the earlobe, hooked into the wire at the back end of the smile shape.

The view of the ‘smile’ is really best seen, side on. 

Rainbow Smile Dangle Earrings with semi precious stones
Rainbow Smiles Earrings

Both the necklace and bracelet, feature the wire shaped into a smile, with the rainbow coloured semi precious stones and loops either side. Handmade clasps and hooks are added to the recycled Sterling Silver chain, along with a little Stainless Steel “Curlicue NZ/ Made in NZ” tag. 

The rainbow smile bracelet flat lay
The Rainbow Smiles Bracelet

Like the earrings, the brooch is also made from one long piece of wire. However, this time the rainbow gemstones have been added with thinner wire that is wrapped around the “smile” part of the brooch. There is also a koru (spiral) on one side of the brooch – adding a kiwi touch, and a delightful detail.

Rainbow Smile Brooch with spiral detail
The Rainbow Smiles Brooch (with koru detail)

Hopefully you agree – that the Rainbow Smiles collection does indeed make you feel ‘uplifted’, whilst also being sustainably elegant.

Which piece is your favourite?

Rainbow Smiles Collection
Rainbow Smiles Collection
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