Wire Wrapped Christmas Jewellery including Brooch, Earrings and Necklace
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The Christmas Tree Collection

Many years ago...

When I first started making my Christmas Tree Earrings, they were made from one long length of gold plated copper wire (per earring), with a tiny white Mother of Pearl star attached. 

close up view of elegant wire Christmas Tree earrings with white mother of pearl star

Becoming Eco Friendly

However I later decided to no longer create these ‘gold’ ones, as my focus moved to sustainability and the use of 100% recycled Sterling Silver wires.  I also acquired some slightly larger Mother of Pearl stars – an ivory one, and a red one. 

Different sized Mother of Pearl Stars: White, Red and Ivory
White, Red and Ivory Mother of Pearl Stars

Now, my Christmas Tree Earrings are handmade using the sustainably sourced Sterling Silver, carefully wire-wrapped into a Christmas Tree shape, and with either the small white, or slightly larger red Mother of Pearl star attached to the top.

Christmas Tree Earrings in eco sterling silver with white Mother of Pearl star
Christmas Tree Earrings with White Mother of Pearl Stars
xmas earrings in eco sterling silver wire with red mother of pearl star at the top
Christmas Tree Earrings with Red Mother of Pearl Stars

Creating a new collection

Then a few years ago, I decided to add a couple of pieces to create a small collection – the easiest and best in terms of wearability were a brooch, and a necklace (or pendant added to a chain). Again, both pieces are made from one long piece of wire, (although I do add the star with a separate, smaller piece). They are made by looping the wire into the branched tree shape with round nose pliers. Getting them all the ‘right’ shape can be pretty tricky!

Sterling Silver Christmas Tree Pin with white Mother of Pearl Star at the top
Christmas Tree Brooch
Curlicue NZ wire wrapped Christmas necklace with red pearl star
Christmas Tree Necklace

Tricky Trees

The Brooch was the most complicated, as I wanted to have the sharpened ‘pin’ part, the spring and the cradle all made from one piece of wire.  I had to make several in copper first (my practice wire) to get the right length!

Here’s a video looking at the Christmas Tree Brooch, during making – before the star is added and the spring and sharpened pin – made.

Different Loops

Making the pendant was a little easier, though I did end up making the top part of the pendant – the section that creates the loop for the necklace to go through – in 2 different ways! One was a ‘foldover’ style, the other was the wire wrapped way I usually do. I still haven’t decided which I like best.

What do you think?

Great Gifts

Each item in the Christmas Tree Collection has become a popular gift or treasured festive jewellery piece that is not too ‘over the top’. 

They are, however, quite tricky to make in just the ‘right’ shape, and the small white Mother of Pearl stars are really quite fragile. The larger red and ivory ones are more sturdy, it’s just the white ones that can break easily. 

As is always the case, each one is slightly different as they are all handmade by me. I try to ensure a pair of earrings is as similar as possible in shape and length, though sometimes I’ve had to make two pairs, as one just doesn’t come out right! 

Here’s a video of me making some Christmas Tree earrings (in double time):

Wire Wrapped Christmas Jewellery including Brooch, Earrings and Necklace
The Christmas Tree Collection
Which is your favourite item in the Christmas Tree Collection?
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