Double Geometric Ring Holder necklace on product card
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The Ring Holder Necklace

It's A Kind of Magic!

Last year (2021), I was contacted in regards to making a customised ‘Ring Holder’ necklace. I have to admit I had no idea what that was – and had to look it up!

What I found was something magical! 🤩

It involved a chain with a shaped pendant – that was open at the top, enabling a ring to be passed around the whole pendant, so that it would then ‘sit’ on top of the pendant – without having to take the necklace off.

Apparently ring holder necklaces are trending right now. 👍

It’s definitely a great idea! They would make excellent engagement and wedding gifts, perfect for pregnant women who are suffering from swelling (like I did!) as well as for healthcare professionals who need to take rings off frequently for handwashing, or to keep them safe. 

In fact, a ring holder necklace would make a fabulous addition to your jewellry collection too! 

Whether you’re travelling, doing some gardening, cleaning, working etc, sometimes you just want to know your ring is in a safe place and not going anywhere.

Furthermore, you  might like to wear a ring necklace holder to keep a family heirloom close to your heart. Without wearing it on your finger, you can still have it close-by without worrying about losing it – actually, I might have to make one for myself!! 

My customer had specifically asked for it to have a dimpled surface (like the Curlicue NZ koru stud earrings she already owned) and was keen on a double geometric design. I set about drafting various ideas, cost them up and went back to her with a few different options.

Fortunately, she loved my ideas and asked me to make one for her.

So I did, and I was really pleased with the result!

Have a look at the videos below to see how it works – it really is like a kind of magic!

I’m loving the idea of them so much, that I’ll try to add some more designs soon. ❤️ 

What do you think? Would you use a ring holder necklace?

What design would you most like to see?

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