DIY Making Kits

June 2020

Let your creative juices run wild!


A few years ago, I created some little bracelet making kits for a friends child’s birthday party, then decided it was a great way for people – adults, teens and kids alike to spend time with each other whilst being creative. 

Making kits for girls

Having a daughter, I started off just with small DIY bracelet making kits for girls that contained a variety of different beads.  Good quality plastic, resin and glass in pretty colours, with a larger feature bead are perfect for little girls, who want to be like a princess.

(I knew only too well that not all girls like pink and purple – including myself! So made different colours available.)

What about making kits for mums?

Then I realised older kids (teenagers) and their mums and grandma’s would also enjoy making kits for themselves. For these different groups I added more valuable beads such as freshwater pearls, mother of pearl and paua shells and semi-precious stones. I know, that as you get older, you generally appreciate these beautiful deluxe pieces more (though I’ve since added a few semi-precious stones to the kids ones too!)

Because of this, and requiring a few more beads for larger wrists, there is a difference in pricing between the different bracelet kit stages.

There is also a difference in sizing of wrists especially between young kids, and adults. You can find out more about bracelet sizing here.

How about kits for guys?

Over time, I realised there was no reason why guys (boys or men) wouldn’t also like to make their own bracelets. It’s a great opportunity for fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and to pass some time away from screens.

I looked at ways I could make the bracelets more ‘masculine’ and also introduced more natural beads such as those made from wood, stone and other metals.

Then I realised, of course, that these kits should ultimately be unisex – for anyone who is keen to be creative. I still have the separate groups – kids, teens and adults, as at these different life stages you (generally) like and want different things. 

I now have different options available (via drop down menus) for each DIY making kit. You can choose the main colours and also whether the bracelet is to be for a male, female or unisex.

The Process: Customised & Made to Order

Each making kit is customised for you and made to order and contains 3 main things:

  1. A pre-knotted piece of elasticated nylon cord, with suggested finish lines
  2. An instruction sheet
  3. A personally selected assortment of beads to suit the stage and colour preference for each individual

For each kit, I hand-pick a customised selection of beads in the 1-2 colours you have chosen – then add an accent colour – just for you (or your loved ones.)

There are always more than enough beads to create your bracelet and each DIY kit always includes at least one larger focal bead. It is up to you which beads you choose to use, and any leftover are yours to keep.

All of this, along with a business card, is contained within a zip-lock bag and presented within an organza bag – for the future safekeeping of the finished bracelet.

These kits are easy to send in the mail, so make excellent gifts to give for birthdays, Christmas, Easter – or just because!

Now it is your turn to become the maker and be filled with a sense of achievement when finished.

What other types of kits would you like to see?

With the next school holidays just around the corner, these kits are a great way to spend some quality family time together (or just give them something to do!)

What are you waiting for?