• Kauri Gum Necklace with single koru spiral
  • NZ Kauri Gum necklace wire wrapped in recylced Sterling Silver with a single koru
  • Hand scale of this clear honey coloured kauri gum necklace
  • New Zealand Kauri Gum is the perfect natural treasure and makes a beautiful gift for her
  • This translucent rectangular piece of NZ Kauri Gum is now hung on a Sterling SIlver box chain

Rectangular Genuine NZ Kauri Gum Necklace with Spiral

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Curlicue NZ’s Kauri Gum all comes from the far north of the North Island, and has been lovingly polished by hand to uncover each piece’s completely unique qualities. Each piece is then carefully wrapped with 100% recycled Sterling Silver wire. This one-of-a-kind Kauri Gum necklace would make a very special gift for the one you love.

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This beautiful NZ Kauri Gum necklace, will literally keep nature close to your heart!  The golden glow and copper coloured inclusions make this piece a gift to treasure.

A honey-coloured, transparent, rectangular-shaped piece of New Zealand Kauri gum (Copal) has been lovingly polished by hand. Then it has been carefully wrapped in 100% recycled Sterling Silver wire, and hung on a Sterling Silver chain. 

‘Gold fever’ struck northern New Zealand in the late 1800s, and peaked at the turn of this century. What they were seeking was not metallic gold, but Kauri Gum (also known as Copal or NZ Amber).  A rich, golden, solidified resin which hardens over time and polishes up like a precious stone. It is one of this country’s most beautiful natural products.

Kauri Gum is the fossilised resin or sap of the Kauri Tree (Agathis australis).  These enormous trees produce vast amounts of sap, which congeal into lumps when the tree is injured. The sap hardens into a resin and becomes a form of Copal. It will eventually harden to a point where it is fully fossilised and is more accurately described as Amber.

Kauri Gum comes in many shades and colours, from almost completely clear up to almost black. 

Every piece is distinctive, varies in colour and is very rare. It is said to give a very peaceful yet powerful energy to the wearer.

With a distinctive design, delightful detail and wrapped in sustainable Sterling Silver, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

This clear, honey coloured kauri copal necklace has already been lovingly crafted and is ready to ship! 

Kauri Gum should really have another name… As “gum”, implies a sticky, lumpy mess! When actually, Kauri Gum looks much more like solidified liquid gold!

What it does signify is enchanting landscapes and the hopes and dreams of generations, as well as encompassing the beautiful and rare…

What makes this necklace so amazing?

  • Lovingly hand polished and created by me for you, in my Auckland studio
  • A 5.5cm x 3cm (2.2″ x 1.25″) solid rectangular shaped piece of NZ Kauri Copal, has been carefully wrapped in 100% recycled Sterling Silver wire – perfect for the eco-conscious
  • The wire is wrapped around the piece 3 times then finished with a single spiral flourish
  • This Kauri Gum pendant sits on a 50cm (19.7″) Sterling Silver box chain with a lobster clasp 
  • The pendant measures 6.5cm long (2.5″) in total
  • Beautiful clear honey, copper and dark amber colours emerge from this radiant piece
  • A buried treasure, each piece of NZ Kauri Gum has it’s own story to tell
  • Comes lovingly and sustainably packaged with a free polish cloth.

Please note – the photos of this piece are just of the pendant, but it does come with a 50cm Rhodium plated Sterling Silver chain. 

If this purchase is a special gift for someone, please consider my Premium Gift Wrapping Service – which includes a mini woven flax bag and a homemade gift card.
I will hand write your message inside the card, and the gift may be sent directly to the recipient if desired.

If you would prefer a Custom Made Kauri Gum or other unique, one of a kind piece of jewellery, please click here. 

You can read more about my use of sustainable jewellery materials here. 

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