• leaf jewellery in sustainable Sterling Silver
  • 2 Leaf Necklace can be worn in two different ways
  • Two leaves eco silver necklace in lariat style
  • Eco Sterling Silver necklace with leaves
  • Sterling Silver leaf necklace inspired by NZ kauri trees
  • 2 Leaves Necklace in sustainable silver
  • Two leaves necklace, for each item sold I will donate 10% to NZ Forest and Bird
  • Lifestyle picture showing 2 leaves cuff, adjustable ring and necklace
  • 2 Way Leaf Lariat necklace with leaf hook and pendant
  • Leaf necklace in recycled Sterling Silver chain and wire
  • Lifestyle image of model wearing 2 leaves lariat necklace, adjustable ring and leaf cuff
  • Sustainable silver leaf pendant and leaf shaped hook on recycled silver chain
  • Leaf Necklace in lariat style with silver leaf pendant hanging down
  • 2 Leaves Ring and leaf pendant silver
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2 Way Leaf Necklace

$200.00 GST

The innovative new 2 way leaf necklace has been creatively designed with classic lines for modern wearing. However, this leaf necklace may be worn in two completely different ways! Inspired by NZ kauri leaves, it is handmade in my sunny Titirangi home studio, and crafted from 100% recycled Sterling Silver wire and chain.

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True sustainable elegance

This 2 way leaf necklace would make a beautiful gift for your loved one…  Or you can keep it as or a stunning treasure for yourself!

A classic leaf design with a modern twist, this leaves necklace may be worn in two completely different ways:

  • Either the leaf hook can clasp onto the leaf pendant, or
  • the pendant and chain may hang in lariat style, through the leaf-shaped hook. Ingenious!

It features one large leaf shaped pendant and a smaller leaf shaped hook. The two leaves are connected by a section of chain made from sustainably sourced Sterling Silver. 

The unique, contemporary design and simplicity in style make it easy to wear, and change around, yourself, so there are no fiddly clasps to deal with!

Wear it either way against dark colours to bring out the shine and make it a feature.

Inspired by the mighty NZ kauri tree leaves, buying this 2 way leaf necklace will enrich both you and the environment at the same time. This is because for each item sold within this collection, I will donate 10% (of the retail price) to Forest and Bird’s Kauri Dieback conservation campaign

In August, I wrote a blog post about how I created and designed the Leaf collection – you can read about it here.

The simple leaf has transformed into an image of long-lasting elegance throughout the periods of jewellery history.

Leaves hold symbolism in many cultures, but in general, they symbolise fertility and growth. The green leaves of spring and summer depict hope, renewal and revival.

What makes this leaves necklace so amazing?

  • This leaf necklace features one main leaf, measuring 5cm long (1.9″), and one smaller leaf-shaped hook, which measures 2cm long (0.75″), and a 45cm section of chain (17.6″)
  • The whole necklace measures 53cm (21″) in length 
  • The entire necklace is handmade from sustainably sourced Sterling Silver, including the small jump rings 
  • Perfect for the eco-aware individual, 10% from each piece sold will be donated to NZ Forest & Bird’s Kauri Dieback Campaign
  • A sustainably elegant gift or treasure to keep, designed and handmade in New Zealand
  • Lovingly handmade by me, especially for you, in my garden-outlook Titirangi home studio
  • Comes lovingly packaged in a special eco gift box
  • Comes with a free polish cloth

Your order will take 1-3 business days to create before it is shipped from New Zealand.

If this item is being sent overseas, you will need to upgrade the shipping to International Courier, as it is a customised piece. This is a faster and safer (tracked) option.

Is this purchase a special gift?

Premium gift wrapping service with wrapped parcel, homemade gift card and flax bag (kete)My Premium Gift Wrapping Service includes a small kete (woven flax) bag and a homemade gift card.
A handwritten message inside the card is included and the gift may be sent directly to the recipient if desired.

You can read more about my use of environmentally friendly jewellery materials here. 

If you would like to know more about me and behind the scenes at Curlicue NZ, look here.

Go back to the Leaves Collection here. Shop other Curlicue NZ Jewellery here.



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