• OOAK Bracelet_Three triangular pieces of NZ greenstone and 2 freshwater pearls spiral wrapped in sustainable silver-bracelet
  • Greenstone and freshwater pearl bracelet handmade by Suzie Horne
  • Curlicue NZ greenstone and black cultured pearl bracelet
  • Distinctive and one of a kind this bracelet would make the perfect gift
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  • Model wearing a greenstone and pearl bracelet made with recycled Sterling silver wire
  • Closeup of featured triangular section of greenstone and pearl bracelet

NZ Greenstone and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

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This NZ Greenstone and freshwater pearl bracelet has been lovingly handcrafted in my sunny home studio with recycled Sterling Silver wire.

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Sustainable Luxury

This one-of-a-kind NZ Greenstone and freshwater pearl bracelet is spiral wrapped in sustainable silver and would make the perfect gift.

Feel the warmth and see the multitude of colours from the NZ bush and Pacific ocean radiate from this sustainably luxurious piece!

This item has already been lovingly handcrafted and is ready to ship. 

NZ Greenstone (Pounamu is the Maori name) is a hard, durable and highly valued nephrite jade found in the South Island of New Zealand.

It is believed that Pounamu evokes strength and prosperity, to protect, express love and kinship, and to depict growth and harmony.

What makes this greenstone and pearl bracelet so special?

  • Lovingly crafted by hand from me, for you
  • Distinctive design and exceptional quality
  • Created with 3 triangular pieces of tumbled NZ Greenstone and 2 large black freshwater pearls
  • Lovingly spiral wrapped by hand in 100% recycled Sterling Silver wire and attached to Sterling Silver chain
  • The whole bracelet measures between 18 – 22cm (7.09 – 8.7″), so the length can be adjusted to your preference
  • Pounamu plays a very important role in Māori culture and is known as the “God Stone” of Maori people.
  • NZ Greenstone jewellery is popular among New Zealanders and is often presented as gifts to visitors and to New Zealanders moving overseas.
  • The greenstone has not been overly polished, I have left the natural and raw beauty of the greenstone to shine through.
  • For the eco-conscious: only 100% recycled .925 Sterling Silver wire used
  • Comes lovingly and sustainably packaged with a free polish cloth included

Is this purchase a special gift?

My Premium Gift Wrapping Premium gift wrapping service with wrapped parcel, homemade gift card and flax bag (kete)Service includes a small kete (woven flax) bag and a homemade gift card.
A handwritten message inside the card is included and the gift may be sent directly to the recipient if desired.

You can read more about my use of sustainable jewellery materials here. You can also read about why eco friendly jewellery is important, here. 

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