• R3 Kowhai Flower Earrings repurposed from NZ milk bottles
  • Beautiful jewellery made from up cycled plastic milk bottles
  • Recycled Sterling Silver long stamens sit behind the plastic kowhai flower
  • Beautiful translucent white colour from plastic milk bottles
  • R3_Reduce, Reuse, Repurposed designer jewellery into handmade kowhai flower earrings
  • Zero waste products, these kowhai earrings are handmade from NZ plastic milk bottles
  • Milk bottle earrings in the shape of the NZ Kowhai Flower with eco Sterling Silver
  • Nickel free recycled Sterling Silver handmade hooks and stamens are used in these flower earrings
  • R3 Collection_All with water drops on milk bottle
  • R3 Collection_All items flatly on flax leaf

R3 Kowhai Flower Earrings

$70.00 GST

True sustainable elegance! These Kowhai flower earrings are carefully hand crafted from repurposed plastic milk bottles, and attached to handmade recycled Sterling Silver earring hooks in my garden-outlook Auckland home studio.

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Milk bottles repurposed

Hand cut and etched from repurposed plastic milk bottles, these stunning Kowhai flower earrings are possibly my favourite, and an easy wear option for any occasion! 

The word “kowhai” means ‘yellow’ in Te Reo (our Maori language). The tree has long been prized for its traditional medicinal properties and it is so prized that the cutting down of one, is considered tapu (forbidden).

The Kowhai tree has been used as an icon for generations, and holds unofficial status as our national flower. It is renowned for its bright yellow flowers in spring, whose nectar attracts our native birds the Tui and Kereru (native wood pigeon).

I have created these Kowhai flower earrings by cutting out a shape from the tubed handle of a milk bottle, and attaching two hammer-hardened ‘stamens’, before securing them to some handmade eco silver hooks.

My aim for this collection, was to:

  • Reduce waste (or remove it from the waste cycle), and
  • Reuse a product, by 
  • Repurposing it into something new 

The outcome is this R3 collection! All of the earrings available in this selection are up cycled using NZ plastic milk bottles, and – ultimately -reduce plastic waste.

I have just written a blog post about the R3 collection – you can read about it here. 

These graceful Kowhai flower earrings are another perfect way to reduce, reuse and repurpose our plastic waste, down to zero!

What makes these Kowhai flower earrings so delightful?

  • Lovingly handmade by me, especially for you, in my garden-outlook Titirangi home studio.
  • Each earring’s hook is hand crafted (by me) from 0.8mm (20ga) 100% recycled Sterling Silver wire.
  • The Kowhai flowers are created by cutting out a shape from the tubed handle of a milk bottle, and attaching two hammer-hardened ‘stamens’, before securing them all to a nickel free, recycled Sterling Silver earring hook.
  • They measure 5.5cm (2.2″) from the top of the hook to the bottom of the stamens, and are up to 2cm (0.75″) at the widest point.
  • They are a beautiful translucent white, due to the nature of the milk bottle plastic material they are up cycled from.
  • Perfect for the eco-conscious individual 
  • A sustainably elegant gift or treasure to keep, designed and handcrafted in New Zealand
  • Comes lovingly and sustainably packaged

Please note you are getting a new pair – not the exact pair being modelled here. Your pair will look almost identical, but there may be very slight variations due to the nature of handmade. This is not seen as a fault.

To wear: it is a good idea to use the rubber stoppers (or butterflies) on these earrings at the back – otherwise you might find they’re so light, they fly away!

Your order will take 1-3 business days to create before it is shipped from New Zealand.

If this item is being sent overseas, you will need to upgrade the shipping to International Courier, as it is a customised piece. This is a faster and safer (tracked) option.

Is this purchase a special gift?

Premium gift wrapping service with wrapped parcel, homemade gift card and flax bag (kete)My Premium Gift Wrapping Service includes a small kete (woven flax) bag and a homemade gift card.
A handwritten message inside the card is included and the gift may be sent directly to the recipient if desired.

You can read more about my use of environmentally friendly jewellery materials here. 

If you would like to know more about me and behind the scenes at Curlicue NZ, look here.

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