Jewellery Parties

Do you live in Auckland? Curlicue NZ Jewellery Parties are a fun and easy way to get together and catch up with your friends or family, at the same time as checking out new and beautiful, handcrafted jewellery. 

You get to enjoy your shopping experience in a relaxed, personalised environment, away from busy shopping malls and better yet – you’ll earn FREE jewellery!

jewellery party host perspective

You’ll find good quality eco jewellery treasures to keep and gorgeous, one of a kind gifts to give.

Curlicue NZ  uses 100% recycled .925 Sterling or .935 Argentium Silver, Copper or Brass wires in most jewellery. All the wires used for rings, pendants and ornaments are made from 100% recycled Silver. You can read more about my sustainably elegant jewellery and green business practices here.

All purchases come in an eco-friendly gift bag.

Custom Orders are also welcome.

If hosting, you earn:
  • $30 worth of FREE jewellery – just by having a party!
  • An additional $10 of free jewellery will be given for each party booked from yours

Get your friends to help you out – get them to bring a friend.

customer review of jewellery party

It’s so easy – you really don’t need to do much apart from provide a small space and invite a few friends.

Some nibbles and drinks may be provided – but it’s your choice – people aren’t coming for the food, they are coming to see you (catch up) and check out the jewellery on the side! 

I usually find some wine + cheese/ crackers/ grapes goes down really well.

Only 4+ people are needed for discounts and free jewellery to apply, please also see the conditions below.

client who has enjoyed several jewellery parties

Payments can be made by cash or direct debit (internet banking).

Alternatively, if items are to be picked up or delivered at a later date, I can send a Paypal invoice, which can also be paid by credit card.

So gather your friends together and book Curlicue NZ Jewellery to come along! Just send me an email or get in touch through the contact page, and I’ll be in touch to book a suitable time.

As always, there are a few conditions:

  1. At least two people (besides the host) must purchase jewellery for it to be considered a party, and the combined guest purchase total must be at least $100 for you to earn free jewellery. 
  2. If the above conditions are met, then the host will receive a $30 gift certificate to spend as you choose.
  3. You will receive another $10 of free jewellery for each gathering booked from yours. However, these $10 certificates are only redeemable at or after these subsequent events, to be sure the parties are actually held.