• NZ Greenstone wedge necklace in Eco Sterling Silver
  • Long greenstone wedge wrapped in eco silver wire worn on model
  • NZ Greenstone wedge necklace wrapped in recycled Sterling Silver with double koru on leaf
  • Close up view of long NZ Greenstone wedge necklace with double spirals in eco Sterling Silver
  • Scaled angle view of wedge NZ
  • Hand scale showing front of NZ Greenstone wedge necklace wrapped in sustainable Sterling Silver
  • double photo showing closeup of NZ Greenstone wedge necklace and being worn
  • Flatlay photo from top of long NZ Greenstone wedge necklace

NZ Greenstone Wedge Necklace in Eco Silver

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This NZ Greenstone wedge necklace would make the perfect gift! This stunning piece has been lovingly wire-wrapped in my Titirangi home studio.

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A OOAK necklace to treasure

A rare find – this NZ Greenstone wedge necklace in eco Sterling Silver would make the perfect gift for your loved one.

A long triangular piece of intense dark green greenstone, with black and brown inclusions. Carefully wrapped in sustainable Sterling Silver with double spirals, this long green stone necklace is ready to ship.

A wedge of treasure

NZ Greenstone is a hard, durable and highly valued nephrite jade found in the South Island of New Zealand. It is considered to be taonga (treasure) in Maori culture and is often presented as a special gift to visitors, for birthdays and to New Zealanders moving overseas.

The spiral is an intuitive symbol of our identity, and is as old as time. It is found in art, philosophy and religion, and in divination, magic, and the occult. It has existed in ancient art from all over the world, from Stone-Age Europe and the Near East to pre-dynastic Egypt, in Peru and China, as well as the Maori and Polynesian cultures in the Pacific.

Natural, exquisite and completely unique, this piece of modern jade jewellery will make a stunning gift!

Why is this NZ Greenstone wedge necklace so wonderful?

  • Lovingly crafted by hand from me, for you
  • Distinctive design, delightful detail and exceptional quality
  • This long NZ Greenstone wedge necklace measures 7cm (2.75″) from top of pendant
  • The trapezium-shaped greenstone pendant sits on a 51cm Sterling Silver box chain with lobster clasp
  • The spiral symbolises the way of all things and a double spiral represents the balance between two opposing forces. It also symbolises spiritual awakening, and the concurrence of the physical world with the spiritual realm. 
  • This greenstone piece has tumbled though I have not polished it further, but left the natural and raw beauty of the greenstone to shine through
  • The colour green represents abundance, renewal, growth and nature. It is a harmonising, balancing and calming colour.
  • This necklace is completely unique and one-of-a-kind (i.e. there is only 1 available)
  • For the eco-conscious: only 100% recycled .925 Sterling Silver wire used
  • Comes lovingly and sustainably packaged with a free polish cloth to keep tarnish at bay

If this purchase is a special gift for someone, please consider my Premium Gift Wrapping Service – which includes a small woven flax bag and a homemade gift card.
A handwritten message inside the card is included and the gift may be sent directly to the recipient if desired.

Most of my jewellery is handmade using sustainable 100-% recycled Sterling or Argenitum Silver. You can read more about my eco silver use here. 

If you would prefer a Custom Made greenstone or other unique, one of a kind piece of jewellery, please click here. 



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